Hey! My name’s Kevin and I’m a digital creative from Southern California.

I believe that stories have incredible power. Stories inspire. They decide politics. Define nations. And create culture. Stories weave themselves into our daily lives and remind us of who we are and where we’ve been.

A native of San Diego, I attended Chapman University in Orange County where I graduated with degrees in Film Production and Business Administration.

During my time in school, I developed my passion for creating authentic, thought-provoking films that inspire and entertain.

In 2012, my aspiration to make meaningful films led me to become a founding partner of Join the Lights, a non-profit organization that creates story-centric media for social justice causes around the world. In 2015, I started 7FLY Media, a full-service film production company that specializes in aerial photography.

When I’m not on the road or working on a project, I enjoy fitness, writing, reading, tennis, movies, hiking and travel.

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“Be who you are & say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
– Theodor Geisel
Thessaloniki, Greece


Selected Projects

7FLY Media Portfolio External Link
set-her-free Set Her Free Commercial   Directing, Editing, Writing
patient-safety Patient Safety Commercial   Editing
owl-city Beautiful Times Music Video   Editing
creative-bar The Creative Bar Commercial   Directing, Editing
untouchable Untouchable Documentary   Directing
Labor of Love Labor of Love Documentary   Directing, Editing
For My Daughter For My Daughter Documentary   Directing, Editing
If You See Something If You See Something Commercial   Directing, Editing
bbk-screen Boom Box Kids Short Film   Editing
cran-sauce-screen Cranberry Sauce Short Film   Editing
blind-screen Blindsided Short Film   Directing, Editing, Writing
“To achieve great things, two things are needed:
a plan and not quite enough time.”
– Leonard Bernstein
Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Kevin on the Amazon

Amazonian Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to film for a non-profit organization based in Belem, Brazil — a city just south of the equator and on …

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In the Fight

The other day as I was passing time, adrift at thirty-thousand feet, on a return voyage from Seattle. I was reading this and flipping through …

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“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

Join the Lights Team in Nepal

A Year Abroad: Wrong Turns to Right Places

There are moments in life that demand pause – just a moment’s breath. For me, this is one of those moments. Right now, I sit …

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“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” – R. W. Emerson, Social Aims

Kevin on Wat Arun

Sights of Bangkok

I recently spent about a month in Bangkok, Thailand, doing post-production work for Join the Lights. During my stay I had a chance to explore …

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Paradoxes at Play: Filmmaking for Good

Social justice documentaries are hard to make. As with traditional docs, almost everything’s out of the filmmaker’s control from the weather to the outcome. Actors …

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All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. - Saint Francis Assisi  Inspiring

A short video I made of sights and sounds captured on the streets of Thessaloniki, Greece.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve:
the fear of failure.”
– Paulo Coelho
Kenya - Uganda Border


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